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Organized Crime, Homelessness, Policing, & More: Judge Debra Archuleta Sits Down With L.A. Progressive for Jan. 5 Interview

Archuleta on the issues that matter most: organized crime, homelessness, & mental health.

On January 5th, Judge Debra Archuleta sat down with L.A. Progressive‘s Sharon Kyle for a wide-ranging conversation about issues facing Los Angeles County, including mental health care, drug addiction, policing, organized crime, and more.

Both as a prosecutor and as a judge, Archuleta has dealt extensively with the profound impact of drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness on children and families in L.A. County. As District Attorney, she commits to implementing a comprehensive, compassionate, and effective approach to these issues. Parents should be able to safely walk their children to school, and businesses should be able to operate free of crime and chaos caused by individuals living on the streets. At the same time, Archuleta understands the widespread need for quality drug treatment programs and mental healthcare to address these complex issues at their source.

As a candidate to become the next Los Angeles County District Attorney, Judge Debra Archuleta has expressed concerns over the current approach to law enforcement and public safety. With her extensive background as a prosecutor for 26 years and a Judge for 7 years, Archuleta understands the growing concerns over crime rates and public safety in Los Angeles.

To learn more about Judge Debra Archuleta’s experience, qualifications, and devotion to criminal justice, click here.



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