KBLA poll of Black likely voters

Archuleta “Most Favorable” Gascón Challenger among Black Likely Voters in New KBLA 1580 Poll

If the DA election took place today, 6% of Black likely voters would support Judge Debra Archuleta, the highest percentage of any candidate challenging the incumbent.

A recent poll by KBLA 1580 revealed that, among Black likely voters, Judge Debra Archuleta is the most favorable and well-known challenger to incumbent George Gascón. Black Angelenos represent a critical voting bloc for the upcoming primary election, as the group is “highly enthusiastic about the March 2024 primary,” with a majority “following the District Attorney’s race closely.” KBLA 1580’s poll marks another strong poll performance by Archuleta as the election draws near.

KBLA 1580 poll black likely voters
Source: KBLA 1580

“A strong plurality [of Black likely voters] disapprove of [George Gascón’s] performance as DA,” indicates the poll. And a majority shares the sentiment that they feel “less safe than they felt one or two years ago and that crime has increased,” attributed in part to “changes in law to reduce punishment for certain crimes.”

KBLA 1580 poll Black likely voters
Source: KBLA 1580

Further, the poll reveals that Black likely voters are “looking for candidates that speak to the complexity of the issues as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.” This reflects support for Judge Archuleta‘s plan to eliminate Gascón’s blanket policies in favor of individualized justice that evaluates each defendant’s unique circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

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