Judge Debra Archuleta

Drugs, Mental Health,
& Homelessness

The Issues

Drugs, Mental Health & Homelessness

Both as a prosecutor and as a judge, I have dealt extensively with the profound impact of drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness on children and families in L.A. County. 

As District Attorney, I commit to implementing a comprehensive, compassionate, and effective approach to these issues. Parents should be able to safely walk their children to school, and businesses should be able to operate free of crime and chaos caused by individuals living on the streets. 

At the same time, I understand the widespread need for quality drug treatment programs and mental healthcare to address these complex issues at their source.

The streets of Los Angeles have deteriorated during the last three years under the current District Attorney. In fact, employees in the District Attorney’s Office are now provided armed shuttle service between parking lots and offices because their walk to work has become so unsafe. 

If George Gascón won’t protect his own employees, how is he going to protect our children and our communities?

drugs, mental health & homelessness
West Hollywood Homelessness Wild Tents Camp. Homeless People in the Middle of the Modern American City.