Judge Debra Archuleta

Gascon's 14,000 Missing Cases

The Issues

Gascon's Ineffective Leadership

It is the express responsibility of the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute crimes that occur within the County of Los Angeles.  After all, the L.A. District Attorney’s Office is the largest prosecutorial agency in the United States.  Yet, under George Gascón, misguided directives have resulted in a backlog of 14,000 unfiled cases… and counting.  At the same time, the D.A.’s Office has lost roughly 20% of its attorneys under Gascón’s rule, leaving even fewer prosecutors behind to tackle this mounting backlog.  As victims and their families anxiously await justice and peace of mind, criminals have grown emboldened to repeat their offenses in the absence of meaningful consequences. 

As the next District Attorney, I pledge to restore the D.A.’s Office to previous staffing levels and work diligently to resolve the cases George Gascón has wrongly abandoned.

Figure of Justitia or Justice holding the scales of justice with close up focus to the scales symbolic of the law over grey