Judge Debra Archuleta Earns D.A. Endorsement from Glendale Police Officer Association

In a significant development for her campaign, Judge Debra Archuleta has earned the prestigious endorsement of the Glendale Police Officer Association (GPOA). This endorsement is a resounding vote of confidence in her dedication to public safety and her qualifications to serve as District Attorney.

Judge Archuleta’s extensive experience in the courtroom and unwavering commitment to justice have garnered her the respect and trust of both law enforcement professionals and our fellow citizens during her campaign to become D.A. This endorsement symbolizes a promise of safer communities and effective law enforcement. It demonstrates her ability to bridge the gap between the legal system and those who rely on it for protection and justice.

This pivotal endorsement resonates with everyone who values the importance of a “Justice for Victims, Justice for All.” It speaks to Judge Debra Archuleta’s unwavering commitment to upholding the law, protecting the rights of all residents, and working collaboratively with law enforcement to create a safer and more just society.

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