Burbank Police Officers Association Joins Ranks in Endorsing Judge Debra Archuleta for District Attorney

Judge Debra Archuleta’s campaign for District Attorney continues to gain momentum as she secures another significant endorsement, this time from the Burbank Police Officers Association (BPOA). This endorsement underscores Archuleta’s unwavering commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of our communities.

Her dedication to justice and her ability to work collaboratively with law enforcement have made her a trusted figure in the community. The BPOA’s endorsement signifies their belief in Archuleta’s ability to lead as District Attorney and her capacity to create a safer and just L.A.

This endorsement resonates strongly with those who value the principles of law and order. It highlights Judge Debra Archuleta’s promise to protect the rights of all residents while working hand in hand with law enforcement to address the unique challenges our community faces. As her campaign gains further momentum, the endorsement from the Burbank Police Officers Association is yet another testament to Archuleta’s qualifications and dedication to serving as the next District Attorney.

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