Judge Debra Archuleta Shines in Recent Santa Monica Democratic Club Debate

In a recent debate hosted by the Santa Monica Democratic Club, Judge Debra Archuleta demonstrated her unwavering commitment to justice and her ability to stand up for her principles. The debate, held earlier this month, featured Judge Archuleta and her opponent, George Gascon, and showcased her as a strong and determined candidate.

During the debate, Judge Archuleta faced tough questions and attacks from her opponent, but she stood firm and resolute in defending her positions. She articulated her vision for the role of District Attorney with clarity and conviction, earning the respect and admiration of the audience. Her strong retort against Gascon, as seen in this clip, left a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

Judge Debra Archuleta’s performance at the Santa Monica Democratic Club debate underscored her ability to address the challenges facing our community with intelligence, experience, and a dedication to justice. Her unwavering commitment to upholding the law and protecting the rights of all residents was evident throughout the debate, making her a standout candidate for District Attorney.



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